Top 3 Horoscope Dog Breeds

Aries: Labrador Retriever An ambitious, independent, and fiercely competitive Aries would do well to pair up with a dog that is enthusiastic about playing, such as a labrador retriever. 

This friendly and gregarious breed, which is the most popular in the United States, has a calm demeanor, but it requires a significant amount of activity

Taurus: Boxer A Taurean requires a dog that can match their level of commitment because they are one of the most devoted signs in the zodiac

This is one dog that will fulfill its duty as the protector of the family in a way that won't disappoint you.

Gemini: Border Collie Geminis are known for their restless natures and need a dog that can match their level of emotional sensitivity. 

they are affectionate, intelligent, and active. This breed is not difficult to teach and is eager to take on any task that is presented to it. 

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