Understanding Your Hunger and Fullness Cues



Picture this: The quiet cosmic grumble from your gut signals recharging. "Hey there, I could use some cosmic nourishment!" says your body.

Recognizing Hunger

Listen to your stomach's cosmic whispers. When you feel hungry, your body is seeking for cosmic food. Accept the call and plan a mindful dinner.

Listen to Your Stomach's Whispers

Avoid the Cosmic Rush

Hunger comes slowly, like a cosmic dusk. Avoid running to the cosmic buffet at the slightest grumbling. Before eating your cosmic feast, feel your hunger.


Recognising Fullness

Imagine your stomach delivering messages of satisfaction like a harmonious cosmic symphony. Recognizing fullness is hearing your body declare, "I've had enough cosmic delights."

The Cosmic Pause

Take a cosmic break mid-meal. Put your utensils down and examine your hunger. Are you content? Your body needs time to send cosmic messages, so give it space.

The 80% Rule

Follow the 80% rule in life's cosmic banquet. Stop eating when you are 80% full. This gives your body the cosmic grace to metabolise the food and avoid post-feast discomfort.