Warren Buffett Says Poor People Waste Money On These 12 Things

According to Buffett, the best investment one can make is in oneself. Enhancing skills and education can boost earning potential significantly. Knowledge and abilities are assets that no one can take away from you.

Credit cards can be convenient, but high interest rates can quickly overshadow any benefits if you don’t pay the full balance monthly. Buffett advises against needless spending that could lead to credit card debt.

Spending on social activities like drinking at bars can add up. Opting for more affordable social gatherings, like home get-togethers, can help save significantly.

Buffett advises against overusing or needlessly combining skincare products. Finding a simple and effective routine can save both money and your skin.

While socializing is essential, frequent nights out can be a significant expense. Opting for budget-friendly alternatives like home-cooked meals and movie nights can cut costs considerably.


Buffett, along with other billionaires, leans towards simplicity in his wardrobe. Choosing classic, durable clothes over flashy, expensive brands can result in significant savings.

Cars are notorious for their rapid depreciation. Buffett recommends buying pre-owned cars and holding onto them for as long as they’re reliable, instead of falling for the allure of the new models.

Buffett promotes an active lifestyle but cautions against unused gym memberships. Free or low-cost fitness routines can be just as effective if regularly practiced.

Subscription services, if not carefully monitored, can become a financial drain. Review these regularly and cancel those that don’t provide value.

Smoking, beyond its health implications, is a costly habit. Quitting can lead to a significant boost in your personal budget.


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