These three zodiac signs have the strictest dating requirements.

Leos are picky when it comes to dating. They are self-aware enough to appreciate compliments on their achievements

Leo,They will never, ever settle for less than what they need. They want to take a drive under the stars after receiving flowers and eating an expensive meal on you

Capricorns aren't the dating type because they'd rather spend their time working or doing something they enjoy at home

 However,capricorns  they are very picky about what kind of date they will go on. They want to have a relaxing meal and interesting chat.

 capricorns want to feel like their time was well spent when they go out.

Virgo When it comes to romantic relationships, Virgos have exceptionally high expectations.

virgo  are not interested in receiving booty calls or having drinks in a seedy dive. They are looking for a potential partner and a strategy.

virgo  expect the best and know they can get it somewhere else if they don't get it from you.

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