What to eat before a night of drinking

Bananas, which are high in fiber, it  reduce how quickly the alcohol is absorbed.

The health benefits of eating salmon are numerous because it is one of the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Egg This can help prevent you from binge eating because of alcohol later on.

Oats have been demonstrated to improve liver function thanks to their high magnesium, selenium, and iron content.

Yogurt To avoid alcohol-fueled hunger and cravings, try snacking on some Greek yogurt before bed.

 Chia seeds The high antioxidant content of chia seeds suggests they may also protect the liver from cell damage.

 Sweet potato ,Complex carbohydrates help mitigate the negative effects of alcohol because their bigger molecules take longer to break down.

Berries are high in water content, so eating them before a night out will help you avoid the dehydrating consequences of drinking too much.

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