What to expect from Tiger Woods this year, on and off the course edit

Limited Tournament Schedule: Woods has indicated that he will continue to limit his tournament schedule due to ongoing physical limitations.

Continued Emphasis on Recovery and Fitness: Woods' primary focus remains on maintaining his physical fitness and managing his leg injuries.

Potential for Competitive Success: Despite his physical limitations, Woods remains a highly skilled and competitive golfer.


Expanded Role in Golf Industry: Woods is expected to continue expanding his involvement in various aspects of the golf industry. He may engage in broadcasting, course design, and other initiatives that leverage his brand and expertise.

Philanthropic Endeavors: Woods is likely to maintain his commitment to philanthropic endeavors through his Tiger Woods Foundation.

Business Ventures: Woods is expected to continue pursuing business opportunities outside of golf. He has a strong portfolio of investments and partnerships, and he may explore new ventures in the entertainment, technology, or other sectors.

Overall, Tiger Woods remains a prominent figure in the world of golf and beyond. While his on-course career may be winding down, his influence and impact on the sport are expected to continue for many years to come.


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