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What’s Your Video Gaming Style According To Your Zodiac

They take in all of the small details and allow the tempo of the game play to calm them, allowing them to be totally present in the game.


When it comes to mobile gaming, they are daring, aggressive risk-takers determined to capture the top spot.


There's a reason Gemini is known as the twins; most people born under this sign wish they had two so they could play more games.


Understanding what it will take to win and what they must do to get the most out of their experiences almost immediately.


Leos are masters of making a statement with every action they make in the game.  They enjoy the social part of mobile games since it keeps their attention on them.


They are perfectionists when it comes to playing. So never expect a side quest to go uncompleted.


Their need for symmetry and equilibrium frequently results in well-rounded players who can appreciate the thrill of the game as well as the beauty of the game design.


Sure, they're in it to win it, and sure, they'll keep playing a mobile game until they've mastered it.


They will approach each game with zeal, hoping to make the most of their time spent playing mobile games.


Skilled at negotiating game regulations, they are also preternaturally capable of understanding game intricacies, utilising both aspects of their nature to their advantage.


Their desire to help and put the team’s needs ahead of their own make them excellent gaming partners. Every role playing game team needs a healer, and Aquarius is it.



When it comes to gaming, Pisces almost always makes the correct decision.  They just take a bit longer to get there.