Why did Tom Brady fault Patrick Mahomes for getting hit during Chiefs loss to Packers?

Tom Brady didn't explicitly fault Patrick Mahomes for getting hit during the Chiefs' loss to the Packers. However, he did make some general comments about quarterbacks needing to protect themselves and not relying on the officials to do it for them.

He also said that he doesn't like the way that the NFL's rules on protecting quarterbacks have been interpreted in recent years.

Brady's comments were in response to a controversial unnecessary roughness penalty that was called on Packers safety Jonathan Owens for hitting Mahomes while he was scrambling out of bounds.

The penalty extended the Chiefs' drive and allowed them to score a touchdown, which ultimately helped them win the game.


Some people believe that Brady's comments were a veiled criticism of Mahomes for not getting out of bounds sooner or for not protecting himself better.

However, others believe that Brady was simply expressing his general opinion about the NFL's rules on protecting quarterbacks.

Regardless of Brady's intentions, his comments have sparked a debate about the balance between protecting quarterbacks and allowing defenders to play aggressively.

It is a complex issue with no easy answers, and it is likely to continue to be debated for years to come.


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