Will it snow this winter? Impact of El Niño in East Tennessee

While El Niño can influence overall climate patterns, predicting specific weather events, such as snowfall in a particular region, is challenging.

El Niño tends to bring milder and wetter conditions to the southern United States, but the impact on snowfall can vary.

In East Tennessee, during an El Niño winter, there is a tendency for temperatures to be slightly warmer and precipitation to be above average.

This may result in a mix of rain and snow or even predominantly rain, especially in lower elevations. However, in higher elevations, where temperatures are colder, snowfall may still occur.

It's essential to note that local factors, topography, and other atmospheric patterns also play a role in determining the specific weather conditions in a given area.

While El Niño can provide a general indication of what might be expected, it's always advisable to stay updated with local weather forecasts for more accurate and region-specific information.


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