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Zodiac Signs: Signs Your Ex Isn't Over You

Aquarius can be emotionally detached and fixed in their ways, but if they still engage in mindless bickering and conversations about your interests, it's a sign they're not over you.


Virgos are resourceful and practical, with a love language of quality time and acts of service. Look for sporadic sharing of accomplishments and selflessness to know they're still into you.


Scorpio mates for life, and their all-consuming love can haunt you forever. Look out for their artistic expression and choice in music as clues.


Gemini loves foreplay and games but if they shower you with messages and seek your thoughts on topics, they're not over you.


Capricorns value hard work, self-mastery, and commitment in relationships. Loyalty, dependability, and emotional receptivity are signs they're not over you.


Aries exes play to win in the moving on department, but compromising and playfulness are signs they're not over you. They won't settle.


Libras are experts at avoiding confrontation and can be hard to read. If they initiate conversations, take the lead, and maintain your friendship, they're still into you!


Taurus won't settle for less, but when committed, they're devoted till the end. Signs they're not over you: making time for you & possessiveness.


Sagittarius' interest is easy to read; they act impulsively when in love, become playful, and ask silly questions. They are competitive too when crushing.


Leo wants the royal treatment in love, but won't entertain second chances easily. They'll reminisce and showcase heartbreak if not over you, and surround themselves with your friends.


Cancer's love is evocative and mystifying. Signs they're not over you: seeking revenge and keeping up with traditions in your connection.


Pisces is deeply emotional and devoted in love. They long for loyalty and devotion and express their affections through acts of service.