Rahu In 11th House: Meaning, Impact, And Remedies

All zodiac signs and planets have their own significance and importance in a Kundali. However, the 11th house in Vedic astrology grasps extra importance during the Kundali analysis. Rahu indicates hurdles and laziness. As for its placement in the eleventh house, it directly affects your aspirations and desires regarding wealth. Sometimes, the positioning may get tricky, and Rahu in 11th house might make you face sudden consequences, being either positive or negative.

In case you don’t have any idea about the placement of Rahu in your chart, consult our astrologers. And, if you already know and have your Rahu in eleventh house, read it all about it.

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Rahu is not all malefic or all benefic. When Rahu is in 11th house, it shall give you positive as well as negative results. With the combination of other factors, how Rahu in 11th house will be let us know.

  • Sun is with Rahu in 11th house: Sun usually combusts the planet it is with. However, with its placement with Rahu in eleventh house, personality would deteriorate. You shall seek negative points in your personality. From getting into illegal matters, you may also possess false pride and ego.
  • Moon is with Rahu in eleventh house: Things would be good if this conjunction falls in the 11th house of your chart. There would be an accumulation of wealth and great success and honor due to the same.

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Positive effects of Rahu in 11th house

If you possess Rahu in 11th house, you shall have positivity in various aspects of life. Personality-wise, you would be knowledgeable and prosperous. Along with being courageous, you will also be a powerful speaker. Lady luck would be your USP, and with the same, all your desires would get fulfilled.

Also, with Rahu in eleventh house, you shall earn money via foreign resources and outcasts. Furthermore, you shall also get the chance to visit some foreign land and set your profession there. From possessing influential contacts, you will also have connections with powerful people. They would support you in your work and help you build money to accumulate wealth and riches.

As the eleventh house has a direct link with wealth, there are high chances that you would get an ideal platform to earn money and benefit from the same.

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Negative effects of Rahu in 11th house

If you have Rahu in 11th house, there might be many personality ifs and buts with you. You may become arrogant, deceptive, witty, and egoistic. Not just this, there are even chances that you might all have limits to fulfill your deep desires. However, the knack to accomplish the same would be lacking, and you will hardly do a thing to achieve your goals.

With Rahu in eleventh house, you might have enemies in the form of friends. They might backstab you badly, specifically in times of need. If you plan to invest in the share market, luck won’t be in your favor, and you might bear a massive loss. Also, relationship issues and troubles with the father would be long-running and serious.

Plus, you might also suffer from miscarriage and sad bonding with relatives in your family. There are quite some chances that your wealth will be interrelated with your father. As long as your father is alive, you shall accumulate great wealth and enjoy all luxuries available.

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Rahu in eleventh house remedies

So, if you are someone with malefic Rahu in fourth house, you may look to these following remedies and solve your crisis of an afflicted Rahu in 11th house:

  • You must wear iron or keep it with you in any form with yourself. It would remove the ill effects of Rahu in 11th house.
  • Also, you should drink water in a silver glass and never use bronze for doing the same.
  • With it, you must never accept any electrical appliance as a gift from anybody. You can buy your own, but never take it from other people for free.
  • Avoid keeping elephant-looking or ivory toys with yourself. It would increase the ill effects of Rahu in your life.
  • Not just this, you should never possess blue sapphire as a gemstone or have it in your house.

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